KHS E-Learning Portal

Crative spaces for you to find support in every subject. Be informed and check back soon

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You can find uploaded content from your teachers in a dedicated space. This content could include support videos, worksheets , notes, past papers and even online tests.

The portal is free to use while at school. No data is required. Data will be used when you are no longer at school. 

The E-portal is jam packed with information and it is constantly evolving. Educators make content available for you to view and download. The portal also has important information like daily notices or batting uploaded daily making it easy for you to get the most important information when you need it.

It is compulsory that all learners register on the e-portal. Important information is shared on our major platforms and the e-portal is one of these. 

Once you have registered on the e-portal make sure to click on the "Course Catalog" and subscribe to your teachers or classes. Once subscribed you will receive the content under the various categories listed

Should you be experiencing issues with the Log in, contact the portal admin form more help. Remember you need a valid email address to log in with. Emails are sent to your emails address reminding you of homework and or tasks due. Please make sure you have a functional email address

Upcoming events

School Closes
March 20, 2024

Term 1 is drawing to an end. School closes on Wed 20 March 2024. Please make sure that all outstanding tasks, SBA or PAT's are submitted before the end of the term. 

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